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Extreme & Henry — Say hello to Henry Quick

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Published Date 13.07.2023

Who we are:

Extreme is a multi-award winning agency based in the heart of Yorkshire. Founded in 2002 with an initial focus on the brochure sites popular at that time, the team has grown and weathered the storms of recessions, pandemics and the digital revolution, to become a full-service agency with an offering that includes social media, SEO, and content, through to web development, design and brand strategy.

Our Silver Award at the 2023 UK Digital Growth Awards was presented for our work on the launch of an exciting new product. Let’s get into the project.

What we did:

We were delighted to be tasked with launching Henry Quick. This is the latest exciting addition to the iconic range of Henry vacuum cleaners, produced by Numatic International — and Henry’s hotly-anticipated first foray into the world of cordless stick vacuums.

Our aim was to create, implement and manage a PPC and paid social strategy to meet Henry Quick’s consumer sales targets during the 12-week campaign period. As part of this we were tasked with helping MyHenry to achieve 3,000 Henry Quick sales across all channels with a media spend circa £170k and a management budget of around £10k (We operated on a 6% management fee vs spend ratio).

We were seeking to target a range of people within the agreed target audience; these included: existing Henry vacuum owners that may wish to add a stick version to their household, other cordless vacuum owners, parents and pet owners.

Our strategy was to grab attention by starting with the issue inherent to stick vacs — messy emptying — and through strong creative implementation, position Henry Quick as the solution. The new Henry pods were bringing something new, helping customers to enjoy easy emptying. Then, we turned to the research and what it told us about what else was important about these types of customers, which included things such as positive comments/reviews on social media and offers such as next day delivery.

We produced strong native (and interactive i.e. programmatic) creative, working alongside Henry’s hero videos, as well as opting for short-form video, supported by single-message static content. In addition, we created high-performing assets (static, video and GIF) throughout, including integrated influencer content. This was adapted to fit seasonal themes (like Christmas) and highlighted the USP: dust-free emptying. We also worked with Henry’s PR agency to cherry pick high-performing gifted influencer video content to feed into our campaigns.

For the creative, we stuck with two key straplines, ‘Say hello to Henry Quick’ and ‘No dust, no mess, no fuss’ to tap into audience frustrations with competitor products. We also shouted about customer reviews, industry accolades and influencer unboxings — all things we know customers respond to.

We also tried things outside of business-as-usual activity. This included interactive display through Stackadapt, sequencing ads on YouTube, and the introduction of paid search activity on Microsoft — a previously untapped well of potential for Henry!

All of this effort and strategy resulted in Henry smashing their ambitious 3,000 units sold target. We were over 489% over our campaign reach target, over 379% over campaign traffic targets, and the business saw a 95.58% increase in overall site revenue year on year from launch to the end of the year. This was a 33.8% increase in overall DTC sales  for 2022.

What this awards means to us

We were thrilled to even be nominated for this award as we know there is hot competition for places, with so much digital marketing talent on show and incredible results being delivered across the country. However, as a relatively small agency by comparison to many, we wanted to celebrate the amazing work and achievements of our team on this Henry campaign.

Even with a robust strategy in which we were confident, the results exceeded expectations. The client was thrilled and this award further cements the quality of the output and in turn our relationship with them.

Andrew Ernill — Head of Marketing & Communications, Numatic International said:

“What attracted us to Extreme was the specialist expertise in each area so we knew we were digging deep into the details of campaign execution. The team was instrumental in the success of our biggest launch campaign in the last 5 years. Thank you Extreme!”

Amy Lighton, Account Manager at Extreme said: “Recognition in these awards is a wonderful honour. Accreditation of this nature is significant because although we are able to say we exceeded targets, to have external review and validation of the strength of this strategy is a great boost. It tells Numatic that they picked the right agency and that our approach is industry-leading and signalling to potential clients that we know what we’re doing!

“The comments we received from the judges were also a wonderful nod to all the hard work that went into this campaign.”

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