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Sopro share how thrilled they are to be shortlisted for a UK Digital Growth Award

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Published Date 14.06.2023

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for Best B2B Website in the UK Digital Growth Awards, and to sit alongside some other strong contenders is an honour.

Sopro is an award-winning service and business, and a prestigious UK Digital Growth Award is one we’d love to add to our awards cabinet.

About Sopro

Few businesses have had a greater impact on global performance marketing strategies than Sopro.

In just a few years, Sopro’s innovative redefinition of email prospecting and cutting-edge technology stack has enabled thousands of businesses to win clients, accelerate revenues and grow faster. Sopro itself has grown from zero to 320 FTE in 8 years without funding.  

Recently the competitive advantage gained by our customers has safeguarded many from the severe impacts of the pandemic slowdown and recession.  

Our impact on UK GDP reaches well beyond our own revenues.  

Often considered a south-coast success story, the truth is Sopro remains the secret behind thousands of business growth stories.

At Sopro, we’ve created a website that both looks great and delivers major results for our business. But more than that, it offers real value to our clients and wider audience. 

Sopro’s audience is any B2B business, meaning site visitors are often sales and marketing experts. So our website must be clear, visually appealing, optimised for search engines, and easy to navigate – with no smoke screens.

And it’s all these things, but two key aspects really set us apart from the competition: unprecedented transparency and a deep commitment to providing resources and tools that offer real value. 

We publish all prospecting results daily, unedited. Our performance on client campaigns is out in the open for all to see and it’s a bold move that none of our competitors have dared take. 

Businesses can get a clear idea of what to expect if they work with us. The results can be segmented by industry, time, company size, and more. We also boast an instant pricing and forecast tool – input your budget, and you’ll see the expected ROI upfront.

It’s transparency like this that sets us apart. 

Two other free tools support our audience: the ‘market mapper’ shows how much of your total addressable market Sopro can reach. The ’email awesomeness checker’ improves spam scores and improves content. 

These tools hint at our second great strength: is more than just a sales tool, providing content and resources to help clients and non-clients alike with prospecting and sales engagement, for free. 

Our resource hub is packed with reports, guides, blogs, and webinars covering everything B2B businesses need to generate leads and convert them into sales. Our strapline “sell more” isn’t just a marketing line, or just about the leads our service provides. We are committed to helping businesses sell more, and our website forms a key part of that. 

In summary, is a B2B website that truly delivers. We’re transparent, content-rich, and committed to helping our clients succeed. 

Enabling Growth

Ultimately our website is at the forefront of our exceptional growth.  

In just a few short years, our innovative redefinition of email prospecting and our cutting-edge technology stack has enabled thousands of businesses to win more clients, accelerate revenues and grow faster. Sopro itself has grown from zero to 320 FTE in 8 years, without funding.  

Since inception in 2015, Sopro has doubled its revenue most years, with 115% revenue growth in 2021 and a £15.4M annual run rate in 2022. We forecast this figure will be nearly £20M for 2023. 

Innovation and uniqueness at

Sopro is at the forefront of the sales engagement industry, and all of the technology listed below is available to clients as well as used on our own site. This cutting-edge website technology personalises the website and helps identify buyer intent signals from visitors. has a rich suite of features on customer intent, enabled through its proprietary web plugin.  

Prospects engaged by a Sopro campaign are tracked on arrival, with the individual name and action available in our client portal. We can also configure behavioural goals to notify our team when a visitor undertakes key actions. This intent data is then used to prospect at just the right time and in the right way.  

We also uncover further buyer intent signals through active IP monitoring. Anonymous visits are matches to known IP addresses, revealing which companies are visiting. Our technology then allows us to find relevant individuals within those companies to add to prospecting campaigns. 

This powerful use of website technology converts data into actionable insights. 

We’ll soon be adding AI functionality and advanced micro-gifting options – making Sopro an all-encompassing sales enablement service, powered by its website and platform. also uses effective website personalisation to customise visitor experience. Prospected visitors are welcomed by name, job title and industry reference. Campaign results served to them are relevant to their industry, so they see live data relating directly to them. We also use personalised video – using their name, company name, and industry stats and see increased conversions, deeper customer relationships and improved loyalty from it.

So, whether Sopro is recognised for this award or not, it will continue to be a force for good, powering growth across the 60+ verticals and the many charities we support. 

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