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Bumper – shortlisted for SEO Campaign of the Year (B2C)

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Published Date 14.06.2023

Bumper works to make car maintenance affordable for all drivers by helping drivers split repair bills into interest-free payments, so they can keep their car in tip-top condition without breaking the bank. Based in London and Sheffield, with the technology team based in Turkey, Bumper works with over 4,000 dealerships and garages across the UK and has helped over 350,000 drivers to pay their servicing and repair bills through our website and directly through the dealership. 

Working as a payment provider for thousands of garages and dealerships across the UK, we spoke to a lot of motorists to find out about their vehicle-repair experience. The main issue we identified was a trust deficit. Drivers often didn’t have confidence in the advice they were given by mechanics and thought they would end paying more money as a result. 

Our solution was to turn our blog into a car maintenance advice hub. With the help of an external SEO expert, we researched topics searched for by drivers. Most keywords concerned the cost of parts and labour. For example, ‘cost of spark plugs’. 

Once our topics and keywords were identified, a pillar post was created around each topic. For example, in the spark plugs post, the article was built out to cover questions such as “How Much Does A Spark Plug Replacement Cost, What do spark plugs do, How many spark plugs are in a car, How often should spark plugs be changed and Why do spark plugs wear out?” This approach allowed for a comprehensive guide on each topic to give users a better understanding of the repairs that may be required to their vehicle and ultimately allowed us to rank higher than competitors’ pages. 

Other topics included the cost of brake pads, hybrid battery replacement cost, and exhaust replacement cost. 

To enable us to carry out this plan, we created a content calendar using the Asana project management platform to give the marketing team a clear visualisation of scheduled blog posts. This helped align our SEO strategy with our social media and PR efforts, ensuring similar topics were rolled-out across all channels. 

With only a small team and a modest budget, Bumper quickly identified a need to build trust for car drivers in a reliable source where they could find out all they needed to know about vehicle repairs. Using industry expertise for producing the content for the blog, the marketing team and along with an SEO specialist, carried out extensive research into the needs of car drivers and the content they required and identified an area that would ultimately allow them to rank higher than competitors. 

The Bumper Blog has grown astronomically since April 2022 with a whopping 337% increase in SEO traffic and an equally impressive 472% increase in impressions, placing Bumper very much as a leader in car repairs content. 

This award would mean so much for the Bumper team. It would be proof to us that we achieved the goal and that the Bumper blog is what we desired it to be – a trusted source of information for car drivers. 

Of the award, Matt Williams – Chief Growth Officer has said: “To be shortlisted for this award is fantastic and we are incredibly proud. To win the award would be the icing on the cake and so well deserved for our small, hardworking team. And a big well done to all those shortlisted!” 

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