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Infinity are finalists for the Best Tracking Technology at the UK Digital Growth Awards.

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 20.06.2022


What’s that you say? Infinity are Finalists in the category for Best Tracking Technology? Yaaaasss! We’re super proud to have reached this stage in the UK Digital Growth Awards 2022!

A win would be amazing because, from Day 1, the Infinity team have been on an epic journey of innovation, steaming ahead to help businesses surface as many meaningful insights from their phone calls as possible.

What’s in a phone call?

Remember those old-skool Super Mario games? You’d need to travel through whole kingdoms, gathering as many golden coins as you could. But we noticed that, when it came to the business world, many companies were missing out on a lot of those golden coins…

This blind spot meant that businesses couldn’t see which marketing activities were leading to phone calls and conversions. This lack of attribution put huge amounts of digital budget at risk, left marketing tactics to guesswork and were resulting in a sub-par customer experience.

Infinity work with many high-value industries for instance, travel, property or finance. Literally every phone call that happens across those businesses could be worth thousands (if not millions) of pounds. We knew that if businesses weren’t capturing the most valuable ‘golden coins’ (i.e. the most significant insights from their phone calls), they might need a bit of guidance.

ENTER INFINITY – Call tracking and Conversation Analytics

After a bit of super-strewth detective work (i.e listening closely to our customers), we pinpointed the universal problem; when customers moved offline in their purchase journey and reached for the phone, the shutters immediately came down on which campaigns, channels or keywords were driving customers to take positive action.

That’s why we launched call tracking to help businesses track what actually leads to leads, revenue and repeat calls. Call tracking means businesses can now track a call to its source.

This new superpower is shedding light on which campaigns are generating the most revenue, giving insights into which website pages need a little more TLC and making it more obvious on where to spend budgets.

This was a massive step up for our customers, but we knew we could go further….

Enter Conversation Analytics. We wanted this platform to help our customers (in true Mario style) “power-up” and get hold of even greater detail on what was happening on their calls – at scale.

Our goal is to arm businesses with the tools they need to boost their understanding of the most valuable callers, common service queries or those interest in a specific product. With these insights, our customers can optimise everything that happens before, during and after every conversation.

From when a deal is closed, a complaint is made, a competitor is mentioned, and even the context and emotion behind each call, our customers can now couple Call tracking with Conversation Analytics to collect the insights that matter the most to them. Check out our latest case study demonstrating how one client added Conversation Analytics to their tech stack, resulting in a massive 32% reduction in CPA.

What makes Infinity’s tech unique?

We’re carving out a unique place for ourselves in the speech analytics space. No other provider offers the hands-on support we do. This is the difference between our clients simply being left to their own devices to get data from their phone calls to receiving expert guidance from our consultancy teams to surface measurable and meaningful insights.

Full steam ahead (to infinity and beyond)

Yes, we’ve made great inroads in the call intelligence space, but we’ve never sat back on our laurels. Especially as the marketplace (and the world) has changed beyond recognition. We’re always working on evolving our platform with new features in line with our clients’ feedback and requests to keep them at the cutting-edge of a very busy market.

Take our recent launch of Outbound call tracking and Agent ID for example. These are the latest upgrades to our Conversation Analytics platform which are making waves across contact centres and changing the game for sales and operations teams. These upgrades are giving our customers the ability to track and analyse every single call that comes in – and goes out – of their contact centres, helps them create training programmes that hit the mark and highlights the tactics that top-performers are using on calls, so you know exactly how to cinch more deals.

In fact, we’ve got a webinar happening next month to tell you more about it:

The Conversation – Capturing insights across the contact centre

Fancy joining us? Save your spot here.

So, the champagne is on ice and we’re waiting with bated breath for the winners to be announced.

But no matter what the outcome, it’s customer testimonies like the one below that make us feel like we’re already winning.

Infinity have been absolutely priceless. Their Insights and Intelligence team really has gone over and above when it comes to helping us gain clarity on questions we have about our audience, getting a granular view on our performance, and highlighting opportunities for real customer experience improvements that we didn’t even know about. Meeting with them is a highlight of my month, and my colleagues are always keen to hear about what we’re learning.” Owen Gill | Head of Digital Marketing, Pendragon 

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