NXTWEB – UK Digital Growth Awards Finalists

NXTWEB is a 5-star rated full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2011 and based in Chester and London; however, we have worked with international businesses across different industries for many years. We are dedicated to delivering our client’s real results and we could not do this without our team that is made up of talented individuals each with their own specialism – both in-house staff as well as carefully selected partners in order to produce the best results. We harness all of today’s most powerful digital strategies from SEO to PPC, Website creation/optimisation, Social Media Management, and more:

Our digital marketing experts are always keen to meet with potential and existing clients to discuss their requirements, whether they are starting new or are refining their business goals, this is how we develop and implement ideas that work for them.

We see ourselves as scientists, constantly conducting experiments meaning that we stay apprised of the latest research. For example, our client Pureis a pharmaceutical company supplying pure CBD oil that does not contain unwanted psychoactive effects. Due to the industry that they are working in, although their keyword targeting was generating leads, they were not the right ones meaning that they needed to retarget keywords to attain relevant leads that generate business. There is a lack of existing information around keywords for this industry which meant experimenting was more important than ever before.

NXTWEB’s Ethos

We are driven by our unique ethos by caring about the quality of our clients’ tailored services because we treat their success as our own and that is why we take our clients digital marketing to the #NXTLevel. Predominantly our niche is in the professional service industries and e-commerce, within this focus area our strategy has proven most successful.

Our logo is more than just a logo, it represents the 360-internet coverage establishing the connections between everything on the internet that is an undestroyable element. We acknowledge the importance and the power of the online world and have utilised new ways of advertising for businesses. Using jargon-free language to communicate with our clients, we encourage them to trust the process to achieve the best results.

Our team’s knowledge and experience are like no other and it comes hand in hand with the passion that drives us for more success. We believe that outsourcing Digital Marketing to us enables our clients to focus on what they are good at, with more time to focus on their performance in key areas whilst we implement strategies developed specifically for their needs. This said, we build a relationship with our clients and involve them within the process by having update meetings regularly, before anything is implemented it is important for us to communicate effectively to gain a true insight into our client’s business needs, vision, and goals and ensure that our strategy meets their requirements.

Our clients’ feedback vouches for our ethos with comments such as: “Shaun was great to work with and very responsive. His technical knowledge allowed things to run smoothly and communication to be on the same level at both ends”.

Our Mission

At NXTWEB we believe in using experts to provide our services, so we have built a team to allow us to deliver the best in-house services. Based on the skill sets of our team as opposed to offering skills that cover every area of digital marketing. A current core service offering includes SEO, pay per click and website and social.

These services are important because there is a specific customer journey that is ubiquitous throughout the Internet. This boils down to key components. If the website is not good enough it won’t convert visitors to customers and if you don’t have any traffic to your website, there is no opportunity to generate conversions either. 

We have built the required services around this core belief to successfully deliver a digital marketing funnel to our customers with great return on investments.

Our primary team objective is to ensure we have happy clients and make sure to exceed their expectations. We make sure to put clients’ needs first and we like to listen to our clients’ requests carefully and deliver on what they have asked. We go above and beyond to make sure we achieve the results that they require.

Many people have commented that we communicate with our clients clearly, don’t use jargon, and make it easy to understand complex subjects. Tristan Hartey (managing director at Hartey Wealth Management Ltd) says: “NXTWEB has been looking after our SEO at Hartey Wealth and has been doing a fantastic job. The clear communication and explaining skills make it easy to understand a very complex subject! More importantly, the results have been much more than I imagined they could be. Anyone who needs SEO work should call NXTWEB immediately.”. If you go to our reviews page you will be able to see that we have many happy clients who are pleased with the results we have achieved for them.

Our average time working with clients is around 3 years – it shows we are here for the long run, and we build strong client relationships and trust to achieve the best results. This takes time, but we think that building good client relationships is a valuable use of our time.

Why NXTWEB entered the UK Digital Growth Awards

Our team works hard to produce results – we tailor our service specifically to each company and their needs which means in the long run, we are more efficient in delivering success.

As a result of our previous success, we have seen growth within our team in the last 12 months by adding two new staff members. By vastly utilising our strategy in the field as competitive as digital marketing we have accelerated our growth and attracted new clients to us using the methodology set out in inbound marketing. The reason for more staff members is to support client services so that our specialists can focus on what they do best, which is developing successful campaigns that deliver our clients the results that they require. We then acquired a social media consultant, not only does this grow our team, but also the services that we offer to our clients meaning that clients can have a variety of services as well as being able to target clients that are only looking for social media consultancy services so we can broaden our target audience. As a result, pre pandemic, during and after we have been expanding our client base heavily.

We feel we stand out from other agencies because we make sure our clients feel valued and we treat their success as our own. Our award application contained details of what we have achieved for our clients and examples of where we went above and beyond – to the NXT level! We think it is great that awards such as this one are being offered as it is important for businesses and people to be recognised for their achievements.

What it would mean for NXTWEB to win

We know how seriously the judges take award entries, so we are so thrilled to be a finalist. Winning the UK Digital Growth Award will mean recognition for all of our hard work and achievements. However, whatever the outcome of the awards application, we will continue our hard work and strive to enhance continuously.

Statement from Shaun Roberts, Digital Marketing Consultant:

“After reviewing our clients and case studies and adding them to our website it became clear to the team, we needed to start shouting about our success stories. We know that this is one of the biggest digital marketing awards within the UK and I felt that this was the right step for us to gauge outside opinions on the results regenerate for clients. We are looking forward to the awards ceremony and fingers crossed”

Our clients get more leads, more customers and more sales with a digital marketing agency that gets real results.

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