Channable Your UK Digital Awards 2022 Sponsor

Channable are thrilled to sponsor the UK Digital Growth Awards 2022! We are excited to be part of an evening that showcases & rewards hard work, innovation and extraordinary accomplishments in the digital marketing sector, across different industries – all attributes that we encompass in our own values. 

We are looking forward to celebrating the success stories and also being inspired by all of the agencies, just as we also aim to do so within Channable. As a feed management & PPC tool, our mission is to empower every business and agency to sell, advertise, and market its products globally by providing innovative, ready-to-use technology, and first-class knowledge and support. 

We are always keen to support companies of all sizes and vertical specialities and the UK Digital Growth Awards further underpins our missions and goals!  We are looking forward to meeting all in attendance on the night. 

Who Are Channable?

Channable is the ultimate feed & PPC management tool offering a fully integrated way to market your products online, empowering digital marketing agencies & online businesses to reach customers and increase online sales, by managing and optimizing product data – in one platform. 

We help more than 6,500 global companies including Samsung, Deloitte, Decathlon, Vodafone, TUI, and more, to grow their online sales, boost their ROI, and create a more efficient way to manage their product data using one single source of truth.

And to further support our clients within the ever expanding digital landscape of the marketing world,  we connect and collaborate to bring insights, trends and development for you to stay ahead of the curve – most recently our Key trends in e-commerce and digital marketing for 2022 – 2025.  Learn more today!

How Channable can work for you

You probably know that automation is key to managing your multiple feeds & campaigns. With Channable it is easy to create high – quality feeds for more than 2500 marketing channels including Amazon, Ebay, Zalando, Facebook, Instagram and profit from built-in templates – all in order to meet each channel’s exact requirements. You can instantly generate product categories, apply powerful rules to filter and modify each product, plus use the built-in quality check to optimize each feed, and more in one simple-to-use feed management tool.

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the main benefits Channable can bring to you and your campaigns!

Reach a better ROI on PPC campaigns

We understand that setting up your campaigns for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising can be incredibly time consuming and complicated, however with Channable you can generate your Search, Display, and Shopping campaign structure, and keep it automatically updated based on your product feed.

Using Channable, you can easily increase the relevancy of your ads by implementing highly-dynamic product information that is always up-to-date and further optimize the performance of your campaigns with analytical insights and ensure maximized returns.  

‘As an international marketing agency, it’s very convenient to use Channable. We have several clients across different countries and it makes it a lot easier for me to manage all of my campaigns in the same structure’  Job Hilbers – Head of Search @ Artefact 

Generate relevant ads for all your items

Creating hyper relevant ads can often seem like an impossible task – especially when your product offering is large and you want to put focus on all your items. However, with the PPC tool and its built-in ad copy generator this is now possible. By allowing you to combine static data with dynamic data from your product feed you can now make your product ads more relevant than ever.

Automate your keyword & URL strategy

Keyword and URL strategy is an important part of your PPC campaigns, highly impacting your ad relevance and click-through rates. You can optimize both with Channable, by easily setting up (long-tail) keywords from your feed, inserting dynamic keywords into your ads, and defining Final URLs at keyword level in just a couple of clicks!

Want to ensure that certain text is being either included or excluded to your ads? Use Channable’s powerful If-Then ‘Rules’ to optimize your ads automatically. By connecting your data feed to your campaign creation, you can utilize the powerful ´Rules´ to take full control of your ads and enjoy real-time updates to all of your ads. Such as sales price, stock information or shipping cost etc.

Getting started with Channable 

Our mission is to empower every business and agency to sell, advertise, and market

its products globally by providing innovative, ready-to-use technology, and first-class knowledge and support. Are you ready to learn more about how you can take control and optimize your clients campaigns with Channable? We are always available for a chat or book a demo today! 

‘Channable helps us to take matters into our own hands. When it comes to feeds, we can be far more flexible in the way that we structure them and the way we create them’  Jeroen Maaijen – SEA Manager @ TUI 

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